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Comments for 2012

Vusi Mthupha

Mpumalanga, South Africa


I enjoyed reading your articles of interest.  I am still trying to understand some few questions like: What is the real name of GOD, Jesus and why was this names changed and who changed them.

REPLY: Vusi; that is a very good question, and it propelled me to write an article on the subject.  You can see it here.

June 19, 2012.  6:43am

Robert Clay

Stinnett, Texas


This is incredible! I am the minister for the Stinnett Church of Christ. We have been studying "Prophets and Prophecies. I mean really digging through all these men before the ones who are typically studied. I have been trying to find a timeline to show my class approx. when these men lived and served God. Thank you for the work you have done on this timeline. I would very much like to use it or possibly hand it out to them if you do not mind.
May God bless you in your work.

Robert Clay


REPLY: Robert, I don’t mind you handing out the chart at all; in fact, I am glad that you have found an interest in it.

March 13, 2012.  3:55pm

David Price

Zebulon, NC


Great information

June 2, 2012.  11:26am

Miles Williams - Rekd- Vesulz Resku Ministry

Marysville, WA


“...ask for wisdom, and He will lavishly grant it...”

June 5, 2012.  3:56pm

Dan Chaput

Pawtucket, RI


Nice job.  I look forward to reading more.  Be Blessed.    Dan

July 18, 2012.  8:27pm

Michelle Stewart

Keizer, OR


Great site!  Shabbat Shalom!

August 10, 2012.  4:14pm


St. Louis, MO


I love it and it was really helpful to me. Thank you xoxo

September 20, 2012.  12:23pm


Leander, TX


I like that you have other sources:)

November 29, 2012.  8:47pm

Ann Harper

Griffin, GA


Really enjoyed your site.  I will return later to read more.  Thanks for all your research.  Have a blessed day.

December 3, 2012.  1:55pm

Elizabeth Allweiss

Inkster, MI


You have the true name of God in your website.  Amazing!  

Being that I read ancient Hebrew, I was amazed that a Christian website actually, finally got it right.

Please spread the correct names for prayer to the television evangelicals, Yahvah, not Jehovah or Yahweh.

God wants to be called by his real name and given credit by His Real Name so it is time to do so.

Yahshuah, He whom they mistakenly called Jesus, is Yah = God’s, plus Shuah = Salvation.  Therefore the Name of the Jewish Messiah Yahshuah, who also is Messiah for us all, actually means “God’s Salvation” which was the greater purpose of His life.  Most Hebrew names have a meaning which can be looked up by anyone in a Hebrew-English dictionary or book of baby names.

Also, I want to ask this website to do immediate research and an article on the coming 4 blood red moons of 2014 and 2015, two of these on the holidays of Passover and two of these on the Holidays of Sukkot, and also a total solar eclipses on Yahshuah’s true birthday of March 20, 4 BC, which falls on March 20, 2015

(Please note that in 2013, Nissan One, Yahshuah’s real birthday falls on March 12, 2013 according to translation of the Hebrew calendar -- so remember to honor it as another Christmas.

We credit, with thankfulness, the historical discover of Yashuah’s true birthday to Bible researcher.  Rabbi Jonathan Cahn in 2012.

REPLY:  Elizabeth; Sorry that I am not able to hop onto the research of the four blood moons since I can no longer use my astronomy computer program on my computer (that is what happens when you switch from Windows XP to Windows 7).  However, I do have a question on where you get the information of Yahshua’s actual birthday being in the Spring.  In the studies I have done I have found that Yahshua’s birth date was in the early Autumn or on the Feast of Trumpets.  Of course, there are a lot of different researches out there and the springtime birth of our Messiah hasn’t been the research I have come across ... yet.

December 29, 2012.  4:40pm