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Allen Thompson

Orange, CA


I think you have Jochebaed, daughter of Levi set up for a sex change.


New American Standard Bible: Amram married his father’s sister Jochebed, and she bore Aaron and Moses; and the length of Amram’s life was one hundred ...


REPLY:  Allen.  Thank you for pointing that out to me!  You will now notice that the “M” character near her name has now been changed to an “F.”  A typo-error on my part.   If you find more, let me know (it is difficult critiquing my own work for typing errors!).

May 18, 2014.  11:04am

Wanda Tidwell

Lakeland, Florida


This web site has enlightened my understanding of the people of old.  I was so excited to see the birth and death dates of Jesus and family.  You do not have record of Eve’s death?  I  guess the most important thing is their walk with God.  Thank you!!


REPLY:  Wanda.  The reason Eve’s death date is not recorded is because  it is not recorded in the Bible, Jasher, or Jubilees and I don’t have any other books or documents that specify her age at death.  If you have a reference about Eve, then I would be happy to learn more about her.

April 8, 2014.  7:45am

Allen Thompson

Orange, CA


Very nice.  I like the pronunciations best.  I can’t spell, little lone pronounce most of this stuff.  Good work.


April 19, 2014.  12:19pm


Orange, CA


Thank you for sharing your research with others.  It is most intriguing.  Lots of time invested, and we do appreciate it

February 18, 2014.  3:53pm

Robert Cole

Selden, New York


First time visit to your site, am looking for truth.

July 30, 2014.  5:19pm

Hannes van Rooyen

Pretoria, South Africa


Love the articles short and powerfull I am new with the Names ,still learning  .I now that the truth of YAHVAH and His son YAHSUA will set as free Hannes

December 9, 2014.  3:43am