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St. Mark

Here and there and everywhere


Hi there ... Interesting website.


Used some of your data for my own database.  Your dates are pretty accurate give or take a couple dozen years.  I have David born at 1043 BC, Moses born in 1526 BC, Abraham born at 2166 BC.  It’s hard to get accurate dates, but everything after 1000 BC is fairly easy to date.


It’s interesting to hear that on Abraham’s birth 4 stars aligned.  Astronomy is a great tool to date events since we can calculate it so easily today.


May 7, 2015.  12:09pm


Scottsboro, Alabama


I have just discovered your site and just wanted to THANK YOU! for doing all of this research and sharing it.  I finished reading the bible for the first time and became so interested that I started over - looking everything up in Hebrew, etc..... as I went and trying to get a better understanding of the things I’m sure I didn’t understand the first time through.  I became really interested in who was whom and it was slow going looking everything up all the time.  I am so pleased to find your site.  I can’t thank you enough.


REPLY: I thank you for your enthusiasm, and it makes me want to get back to work on this web site all the more.  I have been on hiatus a little long.  I am also glad that this web site was able to help you out in your search through the Scriptures.  That is what this site is for.

July 20, 2015.  2:21pm


Coeur d’Alene, Idaho


Thanks a lot!  This site I will bookmark.  It helps me a lot in understanding family relationships in the Bible.  Blessings.

September 13, 2015.  9:09pm

Roland Kessler

Casper, Wyoming


I’m signed up for a church group to Israel next March/April.  I’ve been reading and studying my Bible and other books in preparation for the trip in an effort to get the most out of it.  I’ve read many publications from CSN.  I listen to them when I travel through Idaho (Twin Falls).  They observe Jewish Holidays.  I found your web site; very interesting and informative.  Do you have a side by side Hebrew/Gregorian calendar for 2016?  I haven’t yet looked, but I assume they may be available from calendar makers as well.  I have benefited from your web site.  Thanks for the work you put into it.


REPLY:  Since I have gotten a few requests for the Hebrew Calendar,  I have posted the 2016 Calendar onto this web site.  You can got to it here.  Have a blessed trip to Israel.

November 11, 2015.  7:16am

Pastor Ron Baxtor

Hurst, Texas



December 4, 2015.  12:12pm

Phebe Warren Cooke Pécs

Astoria (Queens), NYC, NY


Thank you for your diligent faithful work.  I found your site because I’m studying the works of Robert Bowie Johnson which present a substantiated, unified, theory of human history, from the standpoint of Genesis as compared to Greek myths: illustrating the historical division of mankind into two lines: that of Shem (believers in Jahweh the one true God which is creator and measure of all things) and the line of Cain (Kain) (believers in the serpent’s enlightenment - man as the measure of all things).  To make this thesis, Johnson shows how the artists of Greek vase-painting and temple sculptures tell us even today a true record that compares with Genesis in all but sees the serpent not as deluding man but enlightening man.  The Greek myths confirm the Bible’s Genesis history, telling the true earliest history of mankind in their depictions of Greek religion - paralleling convincingly the history of Genesis’ Biblical account, such that, the history as true, being identified, reveals that Greek religion worshiped and deified the wisdom gained from the serpent, and Eve, as handed down to Cain and his descendants, surviving the Flood and re-emerging in the doings of Nimrod (Hercules), Cush (Hermes), Ham....real man-deified ancestors.  To my mind, this has direct bearing on the current world situation and affords me some relief in contemplating it - the assurance affirmed, of the Way, the Truth and the Life.  Faith accomplishes this assurance by the Holy Spirit.  Reading The Parthenon Code, and viewing genesissciencenetwork.com to learn true science of earliest times, I am comforted.


Reading this brought these ancient lives to life, for me.  I realized the Lord’s plan, His purpose, and His will, work then, as now, and am very drawn to learn more of it.  So, again, thank you, I’ll be coming back to learn more.  God bless you.

December 29, 2015.  11:56am

Janette (JC) Frick

Dayton, Texas


Stumbled across this website while doing research or a Christian book I am writing.  I was trying to accomplish on my own what has already been done here.  Thank you so much!  Your efforts are truly appreciated!  I do hope you don’t mind me reusing this data to create simplistic bible genealogy charts.  ??  Your sister in Christ.  JC.


REPLY: You do have my permission since you have asked.  Furthermore, you have my curiosity up on what you are putting together.  Can I help?  Do you use Family Tree Maker for your genealogy research?  If you do, I can send you a .FTM file copy in which you have all the Biblical family tree charts at your fingertips.  (Of course, the lineage is from Yahvah to Judah at this time).

   This really isn’t my research since it is given to me from Yahvah Himself, so I can’t horde it, so I thank you very much for asking in order to continue your own research.  Truth is what we all strive for.

April 13, 2015.  7:21pm

Pamela Martinez

Sacramento, California


Hello, I’m glad to see this website.  I haven’t really read through it yet.  I seen Yahvah’s name and was happy.  It is hard to find people who know our creator’s name.  When you talk to people they look at you funny or don’t expect it.  My daughter finally understands the name of Yahvah.  May Yahvah bless you in Yahshua’s name.

March 28, 2015.  10:16am