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Susan Gable

Waukegan, Illinois 60085


How, do we trace backward w/o DNA testing, what tribe of Israel we may be related to?


REPLY: I had always thought it would be interesting to do a DNA trace from some ancient bones found in Israel.  However, it is illegal to do so.  We are told that the Jews of Israel are the last remnant of the descendants of Jacob, but would it be anti-Semitic to question their authenticity?  For that is a touchy subject!

January 15, 2016.  9:25am


Sunrise, Florida


Stumbled upon your website when I was searching and looking for the meaning of the words keephas & ducheephas, describing the tails of those strange animals mentioned in The Book of Jasher: lines 36:12 & 61:15.  Still have not found my answer but I found your website which was an unexpected treat of discovery.  Keep up the great work!


Marcos I Rodriguez

Christian Ministry Major

Trinity International University

Davie, FL.


REPLY: “Keephas” and “Ducheepath” are two mysterious words that I would like to understand and upon reading your above comment, I went back into seeing what I could come up with, but I still wasn’t that successful.  There were some websites that suggested human-animal hybrids and even brought up the lion-men of Moab in II Samuel 23:20.  I did have an idea to take those two mysterious words apart since they do come from the Hebrew and maybe I could piece something together from out of the Strong’s Concordance, but I am not a Hebrew scholar to understand where to begin.  Looking at the final five letters of the two words, they are almost similar.  Looking at Strongs H#660 ‘eph’eh looks similar, meaning “hissing” or an asp or another venomous serpent.  I am not saying that it is it, but it is the closest I could find in the  Strongs that is close to the “-ephas” / “-epath”  suffix.  If you find anything, PLEASE let me know.

March 1, 2016.  11:12am

Diane Doyle

Email address


Excellent resource!  So glad to have discovered it!

September 1, 2016.  6:54pm

Rossella Pogue

Kimberly, Oregon


Thanks for doing this.  Looking forward to using it for our family study!! Great job!

October 28, 2016.  2:16pm

Brad Schluter

Meadow Vista, California


Hi.  I googled the name of Yahvah to find more information as I seek to find the true name of our Heavenly Father and His spirit that is inside me.  Thanks.  Brad.

November 4, 2016.  5:15pm


Arcadia, Oklahoma


Thank you for your work.  It is nice to find something when searching for clarifications.  I am exploring apocrypha and enjoying the Book of Jasher very very much.  I most pleased to learn that Melchizedek was Shem.  This seems so obvious now!  I have bookmarked your site to refer back to.  I found your site when seeking any further clarification to Yemim.  I feel like Dorothy looking behind the curtain.

January 2, 2016.  9:46am

Pat Brady

Coquille, Oregon


Greetings fellow Ambassador of the Kingdom of Yahweh. I look forward to advanced vision and actions from all points worldwide by those who advocate and advance the living Kingdom! We look forward to our elder brother and only begotten son of Yahweh, first born from the dead son, Yeshua to also be visible and active as well.

I haven't spent much time on the site in the past but hope to visit it (and will tab/bookmark it) regularly.

I have a lot of irons in the fire and need to accomplish more in shorter periods of time, ... but as they say, "inch by inch anything is a cinch".

I look forward to exploring and learning from your site, which is more than only genealogies ... which hasn't been an area of interest for me but might become such (who knows?). It makes sense that we are in the timeline of history with these fellow previous living people, here on earth.

Suggestions; when you have posted comments, allowing a screen name or anonymous posting might be a consideration.

Other pre-screen links might be interesting too, but I know some would think you agree 100% with other sites if listed, but some don't understand the growth processes.

Blessings in Yahweh through Yeshua brother Philip.

.. Oh, having a section Q n A where people have asked questions that you might post as a permanent question that has an answer posted too.

My question is ... do we have a genetic line of the majority of Islamic Muslims (that ilk) going back into biblical genetics/genealogies?


REPLY:  Your final question is intriguing about adding a Muslim genealogy.  Although I am not Muslim and have no desire to be one, I still have the curiosity of wonder to how well Islam keeps a genealogy and how it would tie into the Bible.  I have never read the Koran, and really have no desire to do so, but I have heard that the Koran mentions Abraham’s visit to Ishmael which is similar to Jasher 21:22-48.  However, the “sacrifice” of Ishmael on the mount does not match the Bible, so to discern the writings in the Koran would have some difficulty in Biblical pairing.  The question still remains, how good is Muslim genealogy, or Jewish genealogy out of the Talmud?  Or ... Buddhist genealogy?  I have heard that the descendants of Keturah’s children went east after their departure from Abraham and settled in India.  Did Buddhists keep a genealogy that would continue the line of Keturah?  These are only curious questions I’ve got.


I have created links to other web sites from this site, but I have found that the web page on the other site either is removed or changed so my link becomes dead.  If I do many of those, then I would have to continuously check the links to see if they are still valid.


If a person wants to remain anonymous or add a pen name, it can be written in the Name Box.  For posting a Questions and Answers page, I haven’t received enough questions to prompt me to create one.

December 24, 2016.  12:57am

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