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daVid chrisTman

Pottstown, PA


Hi Philip,

We met in Gardiner, Montana just north of Yellowstone Park.


I want to thank you again for coming to my rescue - or for following the Lord’s leading to come to my aid.


I guess that’s just one of the things that Ambassadors for Christ do.


I enjoyed our talks and I just started looking at your wonderful work on your website.


We’ll have to meet again someday to speak of His Kingdom and to jam together.


God Bless You, Keep in touch.

August 27, 2017.  5:18am

Bruce Young

Chicago, Illinois


I’ve have interest in Biblical Genealogies and taken notes for years, but only recently created a spreadsheet closely following the English translations.  This is very collaborative.  Thank you for sharing.

January 16, 2017.  12:51pm