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Created: 3901 BC

Died: 2971 BC       (Age: 930)

Father: Yahvah


Wife: Eve


Created: 3901 BC

Father:  Yahvah






Notes for Abel:

His name in Hebrew is: הבל Hebel (heh’-bel) Strongs #1893 emptiness, or vanity, unsatisfactory.  In Greek:  Άβελ Abĕl (ab’-el) Strongs #6.

Abel was the second born child of Adam and Eve.  Abel was a shepherd, but when it came time to offer an offering to Yahvah, Abel offered the firstling of his flock of sheep to Yahvah in which Yahvah showed forth his respect.  However, Abel’s older brother, Cain was also offering the fruit of the ground to Yahvah, but Yahvah did not show any respect to Cain’s offering.  Therefore, Cain became envious and slew his brother.

According to II Adam & Eve, Abel was 15½ when Cain murdered him, whereas Cain was 17½ years old, when he murdered his brother. (6)  


More About Abel:

Cause of Death: Murdered


Notes for Adam:

His name in Hebrew is: אדם ‘Âdâm (aw-dawm) Strongs #121, to show blood, flush, red.  In Greek: Άδάμ Adam (ad-am) man; Strongs #76.

Adam was not born, but created by his Father, Yahvah using the dust of the Earth.  However, Adam was not created in Eden, but some place outside the area and then put in Yahvah’s garden to tend it. (2)

About one week after Adam’s creation, his Father brought every animal for him to name, in which he saw that the animals had a male and female.  Adam searched for a companion for himself, but could not find one.

Yahvah saw that it was not good that His son did not have a help meet, so He caused Adam to sleep deeply, so that Yahvah was able to remove a rib to form a companion.  After this creation, Adam called her “woman.”

Seven years after being created, the serpent tempted Adam’s wife to eat of the forbidden fruit.  Adam’s wife gave of the fruit to him in which he ate also.  Trying to hide their sin and nakedness with fig leaves, Yahvah soon cursed Adam and his wife and put them out of the garden.  Adam’s curse was for thorns and thistles would grow along with what he planted, and by the sweat of his brow shall he eat bread.

Since Adam was created in the likeness of his Father, his body showed forth light, (3) so Adam knew no darkness until after the fall.

Adam was told that when he ate of the fruit of good and evil, he would die in day that he ate of it.  Adam and Eve were immortal until they ate of the fruit, and became mortal afterwards.  According to Yahvah, one day is one thousand years.  Therefore, Adam did die in the day he ate of the fruit according to Yahvah.

Adam did have several children, but only a few are mentioned in Scripture.  Cain and Abel seemed to have been born shortly after Adam and Eve left Eden.

Adam lived until the age of 930, so he was able to talk to his 6th great-grandson, Lamech for 53 years and his 5th great-grandson Methuselah for 240 years.

Adam was 130 when he had Seth.


More About Adam:

Cause of Death: Eating of the Tree of Knowledge


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