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Born: in Egypt

Father: Rikayon


Husband: Abraham


Born: Abt. February 22, 1953 BC in Ur of the Chaldees

Died: 1778 BC in Hebron

Father: Terah

Mother: Amthelo

Other Spouses:  Sarah , Keturah




Notes for Hagar:

Her name in Hebrew is: הגר Hâgâr (haw-gawr’) Strongs #1904.

Hagar’s father was not a true Egyptian, although he was Pharaoh over Egypt.  Her father was from the land of Shinar, which is the same place near to where Abraham was born.  (113)

In the same year that Hagar’s father, Rikayon became Pharaoh, (114) Abram and Sarai came to Egypt because of a grievous famine in Canaan.

When Rikayon Pharaoh took Sarai to be his wife (since it was told him that she was a sister to Abram) and then learned the truth between Abram and Sarai, he sent them back to Canaan, but with gifts.  However, he also sent Hagar to go with Abram and Sarai.  Thus Hagar left her father possibly to never to see him again.  (115)

It is not known how old Hagar was when she left her father, but it can be thought that she could be quite young.

Hagar and Sarai got along well amongst each other, until Sarai saw that she could not give Abram any offspring, so Sarai suggested that Abram should have children through Hagar.

When Hagar saw that she was with child, she thought herself to be better than Sarai and despised her and showed no respect to her.  (116)

Sarai had Hagar leave the camp in which Hagar fled into the wilderness.  In a certain place, an angel of Yahvah found Hagar and comforted her, and told her to name her son Ishmael and to return to her mistress, Sarai.  (117)

Hagar bare unto Abram, Ishmael when Abram was 86 years old.  (118)

Years later, in Gerar, when Ishmael was 19.  Ishmael intended to kill Sarah’s five-year-old son, Isaac.  However, Sarah caught Ishmael’s act and had Hagar thrust out of the camp for the second time, but with her son.  This time, Hagar and Ishmael stayed away from Abraham’s camp for quite some time and dwelt in the wilderness of Paran.  (119)

Later, Hagar and Ishmael went south to Egpyt where Hagar chose Meribah to be her son’s wife.  (120)

Hagar loved to hunt with her son in which she missed the visit of Abraham when he had come to see Ishmael.  However, Hagar is not mentioned when Abraham came for the second visit, so Hagar might have been elsewhere or had died.  (121)

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