Hebrew Calendar

Interesting Facts Concerning the Biblical Calendar for the Year of 6012 [2012/13]

& How to understand its use!


Yahvah presented His Kingdom Calendar to true Israel via Moses, at Mt. Sinai in Arabia according to Exodus 12:2 in approximately 1446BC.  Many other facts concerning this calendar are introduced later in Scripture, and are noted in this calendar.  A diligent daily study of this Biblical Calendar will show the Bible scholar how our ancient ancestors observed the Sabbaths, New Moons, sacred Feasts, Land Sabbaths and Jubilees.  Our present day Farmer’s Almanac more closely resembles the Biblical Calendar than the present day Gregorian calendar because it concerns itself with seasons and agriculture.  As we become familiar with the creators calendar, we will see that the creator intercedes in the affairs of man according to His calendar, not the pagan Gregorian, with which we are accustomed.

We suggest you place the familiar Gregorian along side this calendar to help lessen confusion.  As you become used to this ancient calendar you will see that all the great and terrible prophecies of Revelation are tied to this calendar and only then can we truly prepare ourselves for the coming events.  Yahvah’s calendar was made for an agricultural people; therefore the seasons are the pivotal points of this calendar.  Please study and review each scripture for every day of the year and you will be blessed.


And Let Them Be for Signs, Times, Days,

And Years…..


Interesting Facts Concerning the Lunar Moon

& Why Our Creator Created it for Israel’s Use!


1. a Lunar cycle= 29.5 days

2. each ¼ lunar cycle= approx. 7 days=1 week

3. from first visible sliver to full moon = 14 days=2 weeks

4. Passover & Tabernacles both start on a full moon

5. Passover and Tabernacles end on ¾ moon cycle

6. New moon always appears on the Western horizon just after sunset.

7. An ANM (Astronomical New Moon) is never visible because the moon is exactly between the earth and sun.

8. First quarter phase is always in mid sky at sundown and it sets near midnight.

9. Second quarter phase (full moon) always rises in east when sun sets in west.

10. Third quarter phase moon rises approx at midnight.

11. Yahvah created the heavens and the earth, the moon, the stars and constellations and named them.  Beginning the Biblical year seems to be based on Duet. 16:1 and Exodus 12:2.

12.  Did Yahvah give us a 2nd witness, such as when the new moon enters the Constellation Aries?  This happens only one time a year and that is just after the vernal equinox.  This seems to happen without fail every year and seem to coincide with other signs of spring.  This seems to have held true for many centuries but due to the 27,000 year pole wobble it is questionable that this remedy is still viable.  Researching backwards is difficult.  Can anybody help to prove or disprove this theory?

13. Twelve Lunar cycles= 354 days.  1 solar year = 365 days creating a difference of approx 11 days.  Every 3rd year an extra Lunar cycle must be added to keep the calendar accurate.  Note that the year 2001 has 13 months.  Next 2 years should be 12 cycle years before the next 13 cycle.  This cycle coincides exactly with new moon entering the Aries Constellation, and hopefully dovetails with the greening barley ears mentioned elsewhere.

14. To avoid continuing in the Pagan mode of naming the days of the weeks on this calendar, we have opted to use the Biblical precedent of calling them by their placement in the week: such as; 1st day, 2nd day, etc.  The Pagan names are listed here to show you why they are an abomination to our Father Yahvah.  1) Sunday—Sun’s day,  2) Monday—Moon’s day, 3) Tuesday—Tiu’s day, 4) Wednesday—Odin’s day 5) Thursday—Thor’s day, 6) Friday—Freya’s day, & 7) Saturday—Saturn’s day.  All of them are Norse or Roman deities of their gods.

15. The Biblical day begins at sundown; some argue that it is at noon, since that is the only time in the 24 hour day that can be pin pointed by anyone, anywhere, which would put the Hebrew day 180° in opposition to the Pagan day, which begins at midnight, when most of humanity sleeps.  Let us wake up to a new, yet ancient and exciting calendar and look for its blessings.

16. The Biblical year begins with the new Agricultural year in the spring, with the first new moon sliver following the Vernal equinox establishing the month of Abib.  The Biblical Calendar was given to an agricultural people who have always fed the world with their surplus of food and livestock.  The Pagan year begins very near the winter Solstice, to coincide with the Pagan celebrating the beginning of the lengthening of days.  The birth of our Messiah was attached to this season in a vain attempt to lure pagans into accepting the Christian faith.

17. The pagan names for the 12 months of the Gregorian calendar are thus:  January—Roman god Janus, keeper of the gate, has 2 heads, to see the past and future;  February—from Latin words “to Smoke” for purification;  March—Roman god Mars;  April—Greek goddess of Love, Aphrodite; May—Roman Goddess of growth, Maia;  June—Goddess of Women, marriages and childbirth, and she was the wife of Jupiter, Juno;  July—Roman emperor, Julius Caesar;  August—Julius Caesar’s Successor, Augustus Caesar;  September—Latin for “seven”;  October—Latin for “eight”; November—Latin for “ninth”;  December—Latin for “tenth”.

18. The Pagan Gregorian calendar is 99% perverted from the Godly Biblical Calendar.  The only resemblance visible today of Yahvah’s Calendar is the 7-day week.  Yahvah did not allow the heathen to go to an 8-9 or 6-day week.  His plan of Creation and Redemption is based on 7’s.  Hallelujah!  The introduction of DST around WWII seemed innocent enough but it also is a violation of Yahvah’s Timetable.

19.  Blowing the shofar (Ram’s Horn) is commanded in Scripture (see Psalms 81:3) at the new moon, full moon, Day of Trumpets (also a new moon), beginning of the feast of days, Day of Atonement, our day of Gladness (Numbers 10:10) for a remembrance unto Yahvah.  When the covenant believing body awakens the shofar shall be heard in every corner of the globe and it shall rise as a pleasing savor unto our Lord and Savior Yahvahshua, our very own Kinsman and Redeemer.


Purpose of this Calendar


It is our desire to present this calendar to the covenant believing people in a manner that will enlighten them to Yahvah’s purposes and timetables.  We have been birthed into troublesome times and by observing the heathen, Gregorian calendar and observing its celebrated days, we fall into the trap all pagans are currently entrapped in and we become followers of heathen custom.  Everything in the current Gregorian calendar is of Pagan origin; such as New Years Day, Sunday as the holy Sabbath, the pagan names of the week days, the pagan names of the months, all holidays, such as Easter, Valentines Day, Halloween, Christmas, and all Jewish holidays.  Because Yahvah’s people have perverted the true Calendar, Yahvah now despises all our feast days.  See Amos 5:21.

The heathen Gregorian Calendar completely omits all Christian holy days.  Only Thanksgiving bears any resemblance (though admittedly very little) to our holy days, Feast of Tabernacles, which is an 8 day festive annual event that is to be celebrated after the fall harvest.  The New Moon Festival is to be treated as a weekly Sabbath, no Labor is allowed.  Duet 16:1 and Exodus 12:2 tells us when we are to begin our New Year, it being the month of greening of ears of barley, making it harvestable by wave sheaf day which is the day following the 1st weekly Sabbath of the Passover.  The 7 days following Passover are called Days of Unleavened Bread.  Fifty days are counted off from wave sheaf offering (always a 1st day of the week) to establish Day of Pentecost, a one day festival.  The next festival is feast of Trumpets.  Also known as “Announcement of the arrival of the King.”  This day is the new Moon sliver of the 7th month.  It is a day of rest, sacred assembly and blowing of the trumpets.  Our Messiah, Yahvahshua was probably born on this day of the year, a new moon night. Ten days following “trumpets” is “Day of Atonement,” probably the most revered day in the Hebrew culture.  This day is not to be confused with the Jewish day of ritual called Yom Kippur.  It is a day of assembly, denial, fasting, and presenting an offering unto Yahvah.  No work is done under the penalty of death and is to be treated as a Sabbath.  Lev. 23:26.  The 7 year land Sabbath and the 50 year Jubilee are counted from this day of the year.  See Lev 25:4-17.  Establishing the Year of Jubilee is probably the one single most important year to tie the heavenly calendar into the affairs of mankind on earth.  On the 15th Day of this same month (should be a full moon or nearly so) is the 1st day of the 8 day festival called The Feast of Tabernacles.  Israel was to dwell in booths 8 days to memorialize their wandering in the wilderness (Lev 23:42).  The last day of Tabernacles which is the 8th day is called the Last Great Day.  Do we know or can we know when this Last Great Day happens in Yahvah’s eternal plans?  Probably not, (see Rev 16:15) but reference to it is given in Matt. 24:43.



How to use this Calendar


The Bible Calendar, as it is presented to us in Scripture, is 180° opposed to the pagan Gregorian calendar we are all familiar with.  For this reason, we are completely out of synch with our Creator’s program.  If you are among the remnant who look for and long for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth you need to familiarize yourself with His time tables, not Caesars’.

The present 6012 [2012/13] calendar is the finished (yet ever changing) product of years of research and comparisons.  By our present day Gregorian calendar, you may find the Biblical Calendar confusing but faithful study and use will reveal many secrets.  We suggest you post this calendar on the wall with the familiar Gregorian Calendar beside it to keep oriented.  Note that the first day of the First Month is called Abib and is the same as March 24, 2012.  This calendar goes from spring to spring, not winter to winter.  Bible days begin at sundown, not midnight.  All Biblical days start at sundown of the day before, therefore Abib 1 which is March 24th actually started around 6:00pm on March 23.  Passover is shown on the calendar page Abib as April 7th but begins at sundown April 6th.  Two things are essential to establish the beginning of a new month.  (1) There must be a time difference of over 35 to 40 minutes between SS and MS, and; (2) The moon must be no less than 8% visible between SS and MS.  This requirement often causes the full moon to fall after the 14th day of that month.  The actual confirmation of the NM sliver is a great thrill!  Your participation in this program is greatly encouraged.  Often, due to overcast skies in your local area you will have to rely on this calendar for accurateness or find a contact to fellowship with in another part of our country.  Have fun on this new adventure in Biblical dating and please read and study all scriptures for each and every day as your year long Bible study.  As you approach the end of the Scriptural Year and wish to continue with an updated calendar for 6012 [2012/13] please contact us in time to receive a new calendar.  A donation to cover postage and printing will be appreciated.  For the Covenant Believing brethren who know who they are, they will find this calendar especially refreshing and enlightening.


Steps to using this Calendar:


1.  ANM n  Astronomical New Moon.  Not used in the Biblical Calendar.

2.  SS = Sunset.  MS = Moonset.  Look for the New Moon Sliver in the west after sundown.

3.  The percentage shown is how much of the moon is visible to the eye.  Seldom can you see anything less than 10%.  Even under ideal conditions 8% is barely visible.

4.  Upon sighting the sliver the Priest was to blow the shofar to alert Israel to the New Moon Festival.

5.  The New Moon following the Vernal Equinox establishes the month of Abib and New Years Day.

6.  Note that wave sheaf offering is always the day following the first weekday Sabbath of the Passover Feast.  Begin the 50 day count with this day to establish Pentecost.  It will always fall on the first day of the week.

7.  Just prior to every New Moon Festival you will see a numeral, such as: -18m; 14m; 53m.  These numbers are to show you the difference between sunset and moonset for that day.  Usually, any difference less than 35m will yield a New Moon sliver invisible to you due to excess sunlight.*

8.  Prior to each NMF (New Moon Festival) you will see a box like this:                   .  This means the moon is five degrees south of where the sun is setting and at seventeen and a half degrees above the horizon to aid you in locating the barely visible new moon sliver.

9.  Should you wish to participate in the blowing of the shofar (ram’s horn) in obedience to Ps. 81:3 and other places, you might get a horn from some nearby rancher or slaughter house.  You will have to search out how to hollow the horn, clean it, and make it produce an acceptable sound.  When the shofar is heard across the land we will know Yahvah’s people are waking up.

10. We know this Calendar is subject to certain challenges concerning its accurateness and completeness.  Therefore, until a righteous priesthood arises to manage Yah’s Calendar this Biblical Calendar is subject to error.  The NMF is subject to error but never more than one day.  If you feel we need to make changes or additions or to be more explicit with instructions, please let us hear from you.  There are so many different Bible Calendars out there that this one will surely fall into various contradictions, but Yahvah willing, it will also serve to enlighten Yahvah’s people to new revelations.

11.  Much of our information concerning astronomy comes from the computer program Distant Suns 5.1 ©1999.



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* The Dates and Times given in this calendar are relative to approximately 48°N 118°W (which is in northeastern Washington).  Therefore the times for your area will be different and need to be adjusted for your area.  Consult a Farmer’s Almanac for time difference.

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