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His name in Hebrew is: ישמעאל Yishmâ’ê’l (yish-maw-ale’) Strongs #: 3458; Elohim will hear.

Abraham, Ishmael’s father was 86 when Ishmael was born, but it is not known at how old Ishmael was when his children where born, but Ishmael had twelve sons and two daughters (1).  Ishmael lived to the age of 137 and then he died.

At the age of 14, Ishmael went with his parents down to Philistia to escape the famine and was there for five years.

Ishmael was 14 when his half-brother Isaac was born in Gerar, then at the age of 19, Sarah caught Ishmael drawing the bow on her son as if to slay Isaac, and for this deed, Sarah had Ishmael and his mother Hagar cast out of camp. (2)

Ishmael and Hagar left Abraham with twelve loaves and a bottle of water and went to dwell in the Wilderness of Paran, and they dwelt there for a long time. (3)  

Along the way, while traveling through the Wilderness of Beer-sheba they spent all their water, so Hagar had Ishmael lay under a shrub for shade.  Then she went a bow shot’s distance so she wouldn’t see Ishmael die.  (4)  Yahvah showed Hagar to a well, in which she was able to deliver water to Ishmael.  (5)

While dwelling in the Wilderness of Paran, Ishmael became an archer.  (6)

Later, he and Hagar went to Egypt where Hagar chose Meribah to be Ishmael’s wife.  (7)

Yahvah gave Ishmael flocks, herds and tents on account of Abraham his father.  (8)

Abraham went to visit Ishmael on one occasion and found Meribah to be a very rude woman and she was abusive to her children. (9)  Since Abraham was quite displeased with Meribah, he instructed her to tell Ishmael that he needs to remove the nail from his tent.  However, Meribah did not know the meaning of it, but Ishmael did when he and his mother came home from hunting.  (10)

After putting off Meribah, Ishmael chose a wife from Canaan and brought her to his tent.

Three years later, Abraham came again to visit Ishmael, and found Ishmael gone again.  This time Abraham found Ishmael’s new wife, Malchuth, to be very hospitable, so he instructed the woman to tell Ishmael to not put her away the nail of his tent.  (11)

After that his father Abraham had tried to visit him twice, Ishmael packed up all his belongs and moved to Philistia where his father lived and dwelt there for a long time.

After twenty-six years, Ishmael moved with his father to near Hebron.  (12)

At the age of 50, he boasted to his half-brother, Isaac that he didn’t complain about being circumcised at the age of 13.  However, Isaac couldn’t see why circumcision should be such a big thing to boast about.  Therefore, Isaac told Ishmael that if Yahvah should tell his father Abraham that he should be sacrificed, then Isaac would find it on honor to be the chosen sacrifice unto Yahvah.  However, Yahvah overheard this comment and used it to put Abraham to the test.  (13)

Ishmael went with Abraham, Isaac and Eliezer toward the place where Yahvah wanted Abraham to sacrifice Isaac.  Ishmael knew of what Abraham was going to do with Isaac, since he argued with Eliezer on who was going to be the heir of Abraham.  However, Eliezer disagreed saying that since he and Hagar were cast out of camp, that all the proceeds would go to Abraham’s faithful servant, Eliezer.  (14)

When they came to the spot where Yahvah wanted to test Abraham, Yahvah showed a pillar of fire and a cloud, but it went by unseen by Ishmael.  Since he could not see it, he and Elizer were asked to stay with the mule.  (15)

Ishmael was not part of Abraham’s will since it all went to Isaac.  (16)

Near to the death of Abraham, Ishmael moved with his children and all belonging to him back to Havilah and died 48 years later at the age of 137.  (17)

(Abraham, Terah, ...)

Notes for Ishmael:

Generation No. 22


Born: 1867 BC in Mamre

Died: 1730 BC in Havilah                (Age: 137)

Father: Abraham

Mother: Hagar


Wife #1: Meribah


Born: in Egypt


Wife #2: Malchuth


Born: in Canaan


Meribah’s Children:















Malchuth’s Children:




Her name in Hebrew is: מריבה Merîybâh (mer-ee-baw’) Strongs #: 4809; quarrel.

She is only mentioned in Jasher as a woman of Egypt, but she is also known as Ribah in Jasher 25:15.  She became a wife to Ishmael through the choice of her mother-in-law Hagar.  (Not a good choice).  It is not known at how old she was when she married Ishmael, but she had four sons and two daughters.  (18)

Meribah, was abusive to her children and had no respect to her husband.  (19)

Abraham, her father-in-law came to visit Ishmael but found that Ishmael had gone hunting, but Meribah being inhospitable did not ask who Abraham was, and she wasn’t going to ask.  She did not offer Abraham anything to eat or drink, and did not suggest Abraham to get down from off his camel and refresh himself.  (She undoubtedly wouldn’t suggest taking the chore of watering Abraham’s camel either).

Abraham was sorely displeased at how Meribah abused and cursed her children and cursed her husband, so he instructed Meribah to tell her husband that Ishmael needed to put away the nail that is in his tent amongst other things.  Meribah did not understand the riddle the old man told her, but she relayed to her husband.  As soon as Ishmael heard the riddle, he knew that his father had come to see him, and that his wife had shown no respect to his father or to himself.  Therefore, he set away Meribah and Ishmael got a new wife from Canaan.  (20)

Notes for Meribah:

Notes for Malchuth:

She is only mentioned in Jasher 21:37 - 48 and 25:18 as the second wife of Ishmael.

Malchuth became Ishmael’s second wife after Ishmael put off his first wife for bad behavior.  Malchuth was chosen by Ishmael this time instead by his mother (which was a bad decision last time.)

After Ishmael had been married to Malchuth for at least three years, Ishmael’s father Abraham came for a visit, but found his son was gone, but Abraham was greeted by Malchuth who showed her father-in-law the utmost hospitality she could.  Since Abraham was pleased with Ishmael’s new wife he gave her message in the form of a riddle to be told to Ishmael when he came home.

“The nail of your tent is very good,” he said, “do not put it away.”

After Abraham left for home on his camel, Ishmael came home from hunting and Malchuth greeted her husband with joy and told him the message that Abraham told her to say, and this pleased Ishmael greatly.

Later Malchuth went with her husband, to be with Abraham in Philistia and dwelt there for a long time.  (21)

Not much is known about Malchuth after this.

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