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Kings and Judges of Israel

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During my study on this timeline of the Kings and Judges of Israel, I have come across some very interesting situations.  At first I was having a hard time making everything fit together.  I tried drawing out a study chart with pencil and paper, but found that it was too much of a hassle because I would have to use a lot of eraser to correct errors.  Using the computer to create the study timeline has helped a lot.  I have decided to post my study timeline here on the web site so you can take a view of my studies as I go along.

You will notice that some of the years of the kings overlap, or the years are diminished compared to what the Bible says on how long they reigned.  It could be possible that they reigned co-regent with each other, or that the author didn’t keep track on how long the Israel King reigned.  


I always felt that Biblical History is always thought of as names and dates and not really thought of as an actual length of time.  For example, David is known to have reigned for forty years, but it is never thought of how long forty years is, actually.  It could be thought that David reigned from 1970 to 2010.  Therefore, to compare biblical history with modern history, I am paralleling the biblical timeline with the modern timeline for more understanding of a length of time.

I have it so that the end of King Zedikiah’s reign is at the end of 2010 for modern times.  I hope that this will open up a new understanding for the history of the kings of Israel.


In Acts 13:20 we are told that “he gave unto the judges about the space of 450 years, until Samuel the prophet.”  Interestingly, we are not told of the total length of time every single judge that ruled and that creates an interesting situation.  In order to get about 450 years for all the judges, we have to eliminate Joshua from the count, then the count of years comes to 443.  I have not included Samuel into this count since Acts says: “until Samuel the prophet,” meaning Samuel is not included.

Since we now have an extra seven years to deal with, I have taken the liberties to distribute those years evenly amongst the judges and other events that Judges does not give us in a yearly count.

If Joshua and Samuel were included into the yearly count of the judges the total length of time would now be at  530 years (that is if  Samuel judged the people for forty years.)



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