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Notes for Lamech:

His name in Hebrew is: למך Lemek (leh’-mek) Strongs #3929.  In Greek: Λάμεχ Lamĕch (lam’-ekh) Strongs #2984.

Lamech married his third cousins twice removed, who were Adah and Zillah the daughters of Cainan.

Lamech had two sons from Adah, (Who were Jabal and Jubal), but his other wife remained barren since she drank a draught in which to keep her barren and beautiful.  However, later she bares Lamech a son and a daughter (who were Tubal-cain and Naamah).

It was in those days that Lamech was old and could not see well.  However, he took his son, Tubal-cain with him to lead him and help him hunt in the field (Tubal-cain is very young at this time).  In II Adam & Eve 13:6 – 11, it says that Cain the son of Adam came to see Lamech, but was told that Lamech was out in the field with a shepherd, which is Tubal-cain.  In Jasher 2:27, Tubal-cain told his father to draw the bow to kill the oncoming animal that they thought they saw.  After they killed the ‘animal,’ then went to investigate and Lamech saw that it was his great-great-great-grandfather that he killed.  Lamech became to grieved at this that he smote Tubal-cain causing his death.

Lamech’s wives soon heard about the death of Cain and Tubal-cain and they sought to kill him because of the two deaths that he caused in one day.

Finally, Lamech pressed his wives to listen to him saying that he committed this crime unknowingly since he could not see well and was in extreme grief when his smote his son.

Generation No. 8


Father: Methusael


Wife #1: Adah


Father:  Cainan

Mother:  Mualet


Wife #2: Zillah


Father:  Cainan

Mother:  Mualet


Adah’s Children:






Zillah’s Children:


Notes for Jabal:

His name in Hebrew is: יבל Yâbâl (yaw-bawl’) Strongs #2989; a stream.

Very little is mentioned about Jabal.  However, Jabal is possibly the first cattle rancher.  Jabal lived in tents while he raised his cattle.

His name in Hebrew is: יובל  Yûwbâl (yoo-bawl’) Strongs #3106, stream.

Very little is mentioned about Jubal.  However, in Genesis 4:21,  he invented the harp and the organ.  According to the Books of Adam and Eve, the instruments that were created by the children of Cain were not used for glorifying Yahvah, but for their own lusts.  The music of the Children of Cain was abominable in the sight of Yahvah.

There is nothing recorded that Jubal had any children, and this is where the genealogy of Cain ends in the Bible.  It could be possible that he died in the Great Flood.

Notes for Jubal:

Notes for Naamah:

Her name in Hebrew is: נעמה Na’ămâh (nah-am-aw’) Strongs #5279, pleasantness.

Naamah is not to be confused with Noah’s wife, since she has the same name.  However, this Naamah is only mentioned in Genesis 4:22, and she is not mentioned anywhere else.

His name in Hebrew is: קין תובל Tûwbal Qayin (too-bal’ kah’-yin) Strongs #8423; offspring of Cain.

In II Adam & Eve 13:1, Tubal-cain is known as Atun.  In Jasher, Tubal-cain is spelled as, Tubal Cain.  Tubal-cain was a metal-smith in which he created brass and iron.

In II Adam & Eve 13 it explains how Tubal-cain died, but Tubal-cain is known as a young shepherd.  Tubal-cain was afraid that someone would kill him and steal all or some of the cattle he attended.  He complained about it to his father, Lamech.  Lamech was nearly blind and could not see well but Lamech pitied Tubal-cain and went with him to the field to look after the cattle with him.  Lamech took with him a bow and arrows and a sling with stones; they did this for many days.  On one account, Tubal-cain’s great-great-great-grandfather, Cain came towards them for a visit.  Cain had heard from Lamech’s wives that Tubal-cain and Lamech were in the field.

When Tubal-cain saw Cain approaching them at a distance, he thought that it was a wild beast or a robber coming at them.  Tubal-cain instructed his father where to shoot the arrows, and Lamech shot Cain in his side, and then he took the sling in which he hit Cain in the face with a stone, which caused Cain to die.  Tubal-cain and Lamech went to see what it was that they killed, and when Lamech saw the body of  Cain, he became so grieved at Cain’s death, that he clapped his hands together, in which he struck Tubal-cain.  In doing so, caused Tubal-cain’s death.


More About Tubal-cain:

Cause of Death: Struck by his father, Lamech.

Notes For Tubal-cain:

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