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Generation No. 22
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Born: 1954 BC in Ur of the Chaldees

Died: 1814 BC in Shinar                             (Age: 140)

Father: Haran


Wife: Ado


Died: 1854 BC Outside Zoar


Partner #1: First Born


Father: Lot

Mother: Ado


Partner #2: The Younger


Father: Lot

Mother: Ado


Ado’s Children:










First Born’s Children:




The Younger’s Children:



His name in Hebrew is: לוט Lôwt (lote) Strongs #3876.  In Greek: Λώτ Lōt, (lote) Strongs #3091.

Basing on Jasher 24:22, Lot was one year older than his half-uncle, Abraham.

And Lot the son of Haran also died in those days, in the thirty-ninth year of the life of Isaac, and all the days that Lot lived were one hundred and forty years and he died.  (1)

If Lot is one year older than Abraham, then he would be eleven years older than his sister Sarah, but his father Haran married when he was 39.  However, according to calculations, Lot was born when Haran was 31, eight years before he had married.

And Haran, the son of Terah, Abram's oldest brother, took a wife in those days.  Haran was thirty-nine when he took her; and the wife of Haran conceived and bare a son, and he called his name Lot.  (2)

Jasher 24:22 looks contradictory to Jasher 9:2, but if Abraham was one hundred when his son Isaac was born, and Lot died when Isaac 39, then Abraham would have been 139 when Lot died at the age of 140.  Therefore, Lot would have been 101 when his nephew, Isaac was born.

Lot was fifty-one, when his father died in Nimrod's furnace, (3) and was fifty-three when he finally left Ur of the Chaldees with his half-uncle, Abram.  (4)

Lot lived in Haran with Abram for over twenty years until the age of 76 and then went with Abram to the plains of Mamre.  (5)

When there was a famine in Canaan, Lot went with Abram and Sarai to Egypt, but he wasn't able to stay very long in Egypt because of the way that Abram wanted his wife (Lot's sister) introduced.  (6)

Lot had a heavy abundance of cattle and sheep as well as Abram.  Lot let his flocks feed on other people's property, whereas Abram's flocks remained on his own property.  When the people of the land complained to Abram, Abram quarreled with Lot to have him end his practices of grazing his animals on other people's pastures.  However, Lot would not listen to his half-uncle.

Finally, Abram told Lot that he must move to some other place, but their friendship would not be broken.  Therefore, Lot traveled toward the plain of Jordan and dwelt in Sodom.  (7)

Lot was 79 when Chedorlaomer, King of Elam came to smite Sodom with three other kings, in which Nimrod, King of Shinar was one of them.  Chedorlaomer fought the five kings of Sodom and Gomorrah in the valley of Siddim (or the Salt Sea).  However, the battle was sore against the Sodomites, so they fled to the mountains for safety.  Chedorlaomer pursued the Sodomites to the gates of the city and then plundered the city.

Chedorlaomer took Lot captive along with all his goods.  However, Abram's servant Unic was in the battle at the time and told Abram about Lot.  Therefore, Abram came with 318 men and smote the army of the four kings of Elam so that the kings were the only ones left.

Abram recovered the property of Sodom and Lot's property so that there wasn't anything lacking.  Then, Lot returned to Sodom, and Abram returned to Mamre.  (8)

Lot was 100 when his daughter, Paltith was killed by the Sodomites for helping a poor man.  At this time, Lot was visited by two angels, who had just been to Abraham's house.  Lot was at the gates of Sodom that evening, invited the angels to his house, and gave his hospitality to them.  The angels told Lot that he should leave Sodom before Yahvah destroyed the city.  In which Lot did that night.  When Lot had left the city and arrived in Zoar, Yahvah rained on the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah brimstone and fire, at which Lot's wife, Ado looked back to see the destruction of the city and became a pillar of salt.

Lot and his remaining daughters fled to the cave of Adullam and dwelt there for a while.  (9)

Lot was soon made drunk by his daughters and then Lot found out that he was a father and a grandfather to Moab and Ben-ammi.  (10)

It is possible that Lot had five daughters, but two of Lot's daughter remained in Sodom with their husbands.  (11)

(Haran, Terah, ...)

Notes for Ado:

Her name is only mentioned in Jasher 19:52.  It is unknown to when Lot married Ado, but it is thought that she had five daughters (or perhaps more).  However, some of her daughters remained in Sodom with their Sodomite husbands while Ado, her husband and two other daughters left for the city for Zoar.  When she and her family reached Zoar, Yahvah began to rain on Sodom and Gomorrah fire and brimstone.  Therefore, Ado turned back to look at the destruction of the cities from Zoar grieving for her daughters that remained behind, and as she did so, she became a pillar of salt.  (12)


More About Ado:

Burial:  Was not buried.

Cause of Death: Salted

Notes for Lot:

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She is only mentioned in Jasher and no place else.

She was born after the battle that the kings of Elam had against the kings of Sodom, and Lot was delivered from it with the help of Abraham his half-uncle. (21)

Paltith married a man of Sodom, but had no known offspring.  (22)

Being compassionate got her into trouble with the citizens of Sodom since they liked to torture any travelers or poor people that should come into their city.  Paltith found a poor man in the streets who was starving since a Sodomite proclamation was issued that no food was to be given to the poor man.  The Sodomites wanted the poor man to die so that they could take possession of his clothing and anything else that the man had in his possession.  (23)

The poor man was on brink of death from starvation, so Paltith secretly hid bread in her water pitcher and brought nourishment to the man and she did this for many days. (24)

When the Sodomites took notice that the man was not changing in appearance to the starvation, they put spies in the area where the poor man was and caught Paltith in the act of feeding the poor man.  Paltith was seized along with the bread that was in the poor man's hand, and she was brought to the judges and sentence to death by burning.  (25) She died at the age of 39.


More About Paltith:

Cause of Death:  Burned

Notes for Paltith:

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Notes for Ben-ammi:

His name in Hebrew is:  בן־עמי  Ben-’Ammîy (ben-am-mee’) Strongs #: 1151; son of my people.

Known as “Ben-ammi” in Genesis, but is also known as “Benami” in Jasher 19:59.  He is the father of the Ammonites.