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Generation No. 14


Father: Elam


Wife: Hadurah


Died: Goshen, Egypt

Father: Abimael

    Other Spouses: Asher





Notes for Malkiel:

He is only mentioned in Jasher as the first husband of Hadurah.  (1)

Not much is known about him.  It can be guessed that he may have been quite old when he died leaving his wife a widow.  He did have one daughter before he died.  (2)

(Elam, Shem, Noah, ...)

Notes for Hadurah:

She is only mentioned in Jasher as the second wife of Asher.  However, Asher is Hadurah’s second husband since she was a widow when she married him.

Hadurah already had a daughter from her first marriage; Serah.

Nothing is really known about Hadurah although she dwelt on “the other side of the river” (3).  According to Jasher it looks as though she is the granddaughter of Eber, but Jasher 45:13 fails to mention Joktan the son of Eber making it so that she is the great-granddaughter of Eber.

Asher must have chosen a good one, for Hadurah was beautiful and had the use of common sense.


It can only be surmised that she went with Asher to Egypt, and died there.

Notes for Serah:

Her name in Hebrew is: שרח Serach (she’-rakh) Strongs #: 8294; superfluity.

Serah is also known as Serach in Jash. 45:15 and is mentioned five times in the book.  She is also known as Sarah in Num. 26:46.

Serah was just a toddler when her father, Malkiel died, but it wasn’t too long after that when her mother, Hadurah remarried to a widower, Asher.  Serah was three years old when the marriage took place.

Serah must have gotten her good looks from her mother for she had a comely appearance, and was brought up in the ways of Yahvah.  Yahvah gave her wisdom and understanding.  Furthermore, she was a musician as she was able to play the harp.  This may have been in later years since she used the harp to console her step-grandfather Jacob and bring the lost joy back by singing to him that her step-uncle Joseph was still living and was ruling in Egypt.

Of course, her step-father Asher put her to this task since Asher was afraid that if he and his brothers told the news, then Jacob would not believe them. (5)

Soon after this she went with her step-father to Egypt.

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