What is it?  Is it future or has it already been given to the world?  Is it an international numbering system or yet future?  Is it something born again believers have been taught for centuries to avoid at all cost (even our lives), but is it possible Satan jumped the gun and through deception and subtlety has already administered it to the whole world?

Scripture gives us a few clues as to what it is, and who is the administrator of it.  Also the purpose of it, and that it was desirable to have as it makes one wise and healthy and prolongs life.

One major clue as to where it will be found is in Matthew 7:13 where we find that on the broad road you find most of Babylon’s citizens, whereas on the narrow way you find very few traveling that trail.  So few are the people on that trail that even weeds and trees grow up along it to make it difficult to find and to keep on it without straying.  But the other way is so broad you cannot even tell it is a well traveled highway, but many (most) travel that route not knowing it leads to destruction.  If the Mark of the Beast is to be found it will be on the road most traveled, for that is the “way of the World.”

Scripture warns us that to take the Mark is death but it does not tell us what it is except that it is a numbering system, and we will not be able to buy or sell or get a decent job without it.  Therefore, at least in its early phases it must be a voluntary system.  Something has come up that has deceived our ruling plutocrats to allow this number system to flourish and appear desirable for us to possess it.  It was couched in flowery terms to make one wise to possess it and to make our retiring years more comfortable.  Does this sound familiar?  Sounds like Satan speaking to Eve in the Garden.  It tasted good, was relatively painless at first, and was to make one wise.  See Genesis 3:4 – 6.  Because Satan knows scripture better than most Christians, even most Covenant Believing Christians, he read Revelations 13:14 – 18 and knew that if he waited until after the tribulation began most Christians, even nominal ones, would resist taking the Mark.  Being very crafty, Satan says, how shall I deceive all of Jacob’s people into taking my Mark (Number) without them being suspicious?  I think he said, I will begin decades before the Last Days and foist my system upon them unknowingly.  It will be voluntary, and by asking (applying) for it they will be told how patriotic they are, not only be serving their country but also providing for their long term retirement.  Yes, by now you have concluded that I am referring to the SSN.  Yahvah’s People have been duped into signing up for Satan’s retirement plan.  After all, everybody I know has one.  Once the benefits begin to roll in, few there be that will now cut off that life line.  It does provide food for the table, comforts for life, payment of property taxes (tribute) and the grandest cash stimulus the world has ever known.  Think of it, millions of SS checks being cashed each month definitely does put a shot in the arm of commerce.  Only trouble is, SS being based on usury, must destroy the economy and create the largest debtor nation the world has ever known.  The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 paved the way for the SS Act of 1935 and all America was on the slippery downhill slide to poverty and slavery.

Social Security is based on Usury.  This is a dirty five-letter word to Yah’s People who are forbidden to participate in it.  Rev. 18:4 says.  “Come out of her, My People, and do not partake of her sins.  (and plagues)  That commandment is only to Yah’s Children, not to the world, yet many who call themselves such are so closely attached to their SS umbilical cord, that they refuse to sever that tie least they hemorrhage and bleed to death.  Many will say, “that is my money, I earned it, and I will get right in the face of anyone who says it is not mine.”  Well, I am only advancing the possibility that the SSN is the Mark of the Beast and attempting to base that theory on the Divine Scriptures.  I certainly would not try to coerce anyone but I pray you will consider the possibility and then pray about it.  After all, if you lay claim to your benefits it is because you earned them, and Babylon only pays benefits to her own citizens.  I fear many who call themselves Chosen have been deceived as to their true citizenship.  I am positive of this though, having any of Caesar’s identification and numbers may not destroy your salvation but I am sure it will prevent you from being counted in the First Fruits Company and being an Overcomer.  After all, almost everyone has it; most can recite it from memory.  Therefore, it is sealed in their head, and when you use it to open a bank account, fill out the 1040 and the W4 paperwork required of all taxpayers applying for a job, you are using your hand.  It has all the marks of the “Mark of the Beast” and nothing else even comes close.  Now, more than likely there is another epic coming in which advanced technology will replace our current numbering system with an implant.  This is already being done in places in Europe, with our pets, and suggested as a safety measure for our children.  Rest assured, if you have a current SSN you will be approached to receive the ultimate mark implant and it will be the same number.  Satan has been very deceptive about this and very cunning.  He has deceived our preachers, pastors, and priests to always tell you to pay your taxes and don’t cheat, so they can retain their tax exempt status.  It is the preachers who have dirtied up the water with their feet and failed to preach truth.  Had they forewarned us as watchmen on the wall, we would not be burdened with debt and enslaved to the Federal Reserve System now implanted so firmly in place in government.  Wake up folks, come out of her and do not partake of her (Babylon) sins.

Social Security is just what it says, socialism.  Take from those when they have it and give it to others at a later date.  Socialism is a form of Communism, and Communism will always collapse because it is a “Spread the Wealth” atheistic form of government.  It always leads to anarchy.  Democracy is socialism and it leads to Communism.  America the Republic is a thing of the past.  Her glory is nearly gone and socialism is rampant in the land.  Recant if there is still time (or repent).

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Ambassador Merv  (Valley, Washington)