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Generation No. 14


Born: December 25, 1993 BC

Died:  1778 BC     (Age: 215)

Father: Cush




Notes for Mardon:

Jasher does not say much about Mardon, but Mardon was more wicked than Nimrod.  He died in battle against Chedorlaomer.


More About Mardon:

Cause of Death:  Killed in battle.

His name in Hebrew is: נמרד Nimrôwd (nim-rode’) Strongs #5248.

Amraphel in Hebrew is: אמרפל `Amrâphel (am-raw-fel’) Strongs #569.

Nimrod was the most loved son of all the sons of Cush since Nimrod was Cush's son in his old age.  Moreover, Nimrod was the youngest son of all the sons of Cush.

At the age of 20, Nimrod put on the garments of Adam that Cush his father gave him.  These garments are what Ham stole from his father in Jasher 7:27.  With these garments, Nimrod became strong and became a mighty hunter.

After winning many battles for his brethren, he became king over them at the age of 30. (35)  Nimrod was a wicked king.

At the age of 40, there was war between the children of Japheth and his own brethren, so the children of Ham were in power to the children of Japheth.  Nimrod assembled all the sons of Cush and their families, which were 460 men.  He also hired some of his friends and acquaintances of near 80, went, fought against the children of Japheth, and won the battle.

Nimrod placed his 2nd cousin 6th removed, Terah as a prince over his armies.

At the birth of Abram (Nimrod's 2nd cousin 7th removed), Nimrod wanted to kill Abram, because he would be a threat to his kingdom.  Terah (Abram's father), had Nimrod kill another babe making Nimrod think he had killed Abram.

Nimrod assembled 600,000 men to seek out a place to build a tower in the land of Shinar.

Forty-three years later, (36) the builders suffered confusion on account of a change of language caused by Yahvah, and the construction on Nimrod's tower became exterminated.  However, Nimrod still lived in the land of Shinar even after Yahvah destroyed the tower with an earthquake and fire. (37)

When Abram destroyed Terah's gods seven years later, Terah admits to Nimrod that he had a servant's child killed in place of Abram.  However, Terah lied to Nimrod that the idea came from his older son, Haran.

Nimrod condemned Abram and Haran (Nimrod's 2nd cousins 7th removed) to be burned to death.  Haran died instantly in the fire since Haran's heart was not perfect with Yahvah.  However, Abram walked about in the fire for three days and three nights.

When Nimrod saw that Abram could not be burned, he was ordered out of the fire and he gave Abram presents and his two head servants form his house, named Oni and Eliezar.

When Abram left the king's presence, Nimrod never saw him again.  Although, Nimrod did search for Abram to kill him, but Abram was never found.

Ten years after Abram left, () Chedorlaomer revolted against Nimrod, and Nimrod and Chedorlaomer came out to fight against each other.  Chedorlaomer used to be a prince of the host of Nimrod until the destruction of the tower, so now Chedorlaomer became king in Elam.  Nimrod brought 700,000 men against Chedorlaomer's 5,000 men, and they prepared the battle in the valley of Babel.  Nimrod went against Chedorlaomer with pride and anger, (38) but Nimrod's men were smitten against Chedorlaomer's 5,000 men.  Therefore, 600,000 men of Nimrod (including Nimrod's son, Mardon) died.  Nimrod fled the battle in shame and disgrace, and had to serve Chedorlaomer for a long time.

During Nimrod's reign, Nimrod called himself, Amraphel, saying that the tower, his princes, and his men fell through his means. (39)  However, Nimrod did not turn to Yahvah.

Years later, Nimrod formed a jealousy against his 2nd cousin 9th removed, Esau.  However, Esau sought to kill Nimrod in the wilderness.

Nimrod loved to hunt as well as Esau.  However, Esau was hunting Nimrod.  At the appointed time, Esau ran from his hiding place and killed the two guards with Nimrod, and Esau also killed Nimrod by cutting off his head.

After Nimrod died, Esau took the valuable garment that Cush had given Nimrod and hid them in his own house.

When this battle was finished with Nimrod, Esau sold his birthright to his twin brother, Jacob for a bowl of pottage.

Nimrod lived to the age of 215, and had reigned over the people of 185 years.

(Cush, Ham, Noah, ...)

Notes for Nimrod:

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