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Generation No. 11


Born: 2845 BC

Married: 2347 BC     (Age: 498)

Died: 1895 BC          (Age: 950)

Father: Lamech

Mother: Ashmua


Wife: Naamah


Born: 2927 BC

Father:  Elisha

Mother:  Edna





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His name in Hebrew is: נח Nôach (no’-akh) Strongs #5146, rest.  His name in Greek is: Νωε Nōĕ (no-eh) Strongs #3575.

Lamech, Noah’s father was 182 when Noah was born.  According to Jasher 5:18, Noah was 502 years old when Shem was born.  After the birth of Shem, Noah lived to the age of 950.

When Noah was born, his father Lamech named him Menachem, but Methuselah called him Noah.

In the days of Noah, the sons of men did evil in the eyes of Yahvah, and Noah knew that they would be destroyed if they returned not to the ways of Yahvah.  Yahvah told Noah that He would give the sons of men 120 years to return to the ways of Yahvah.  If the sons of men would repent of their evil, then Yahvah would repent of what he had planned for them by wiping them out with The Flood.

However, Noah did not want to take a wife and beget children, because he was sure that Yahvah would destroy the earth and having children would be useless.

With the advice of Yahvah, Noah married Naamah his great-aunt at the age of 498.  (25)  Naamah was 82 years older than Noah was.  (26)

After the death of Lamech, Yahvah told Noah and Methuselah to speak to the people so they might repent from their ways, but they would not listen.  Then Yahvah told Noah to build an ark (or a ship), the dimensions of it were 450’ long, 75’ wide and 45’ high (if the cubit is 18 inches.)  This ship was also to have a window so that light could be seen on all three decks.  This window was used as a sanitary port and for ventilation for the animals that would be on the ark.

The ark that Noah built was the largest ship ever constructed for thousands of years until the Cunard liner Eturia was built in England in 1854 AD.

Noah started building the ark at the age of 595, and it took him five years to complete it.

After the death of Methuselah, Yahvah told Noah to move into ark, and He would bring the animals of the earth to be loaded into the ark.  Therefore, Noah loaded per species of animal, seven clean animals and two unclean animals.

Seven days after the animals went into the ark, it started to rain, there were also earthquakes and electrical storms, and finally the earth was flooded with water killing those on the earth that was outside the ark.  Noah and his family was in the ark for one year and 17 days, but the rains continued without ceasing for forty days and forty nights.

Soon, the ark rested on Lubar, which is one of the mountains of Ararat.  (27)

Noah released the animals from the ark, and then built himself a house and began to raise a vineyard.  This was at the top of the hill of Lubar which is in the mountains of Ararat.  (28)

Noah lived long enough to teach his 8th great-grandson Abram.  However, after The Flood, Yahvah shortened the lives of men to 120 years.


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Burial: 1895 BC Mount Lubar (29)

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