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Generation No. 23


Born: 1823 BC in Haran, Padanaram

Married: 1813 BC in Beer-sheba   (Age: 10)

Died: 1690 BC in Mamre                (Age: 133)

Father: Bethuel


Husband: Isaac


Born: 1853 BC in Gerar, Philistia

Died: 1673 BC in Mamre                (Age: 180)

Father: Abraham

Mother: Sarah




Notes for Rebecca:

Her name in Hebrew is: רבקה Ribqâh (rib-kaw’)  Strongs #: 7259;  fettering (by beauty).

Known as “Rebekah” in Genesis, but is known as “Rebecca” in Jasher.

Rebecca is first mentioned when Abraham’s servant Eliezer arrived in Haran searching for a suitable wife for his master Isaac.

Eliezer’s prayer to Yahvah was to find a damsel that would give him drink when he asked for it, but she would gladly offer to water his ten camels. (26)  Before Eliezer finished speaking, Rebecca came out with a water pitcher on her shoulder.  Eliezer asked her if she would give him a drink, and when he finished, she replied that she would water his ten camels until they finished drinking!  What an answer to Eliezer’s prayer!  (27)

A thirsty camel can drink 25 gallons of water in ten minutes, but in order for her to water ten camels, she would have had to haul 250 gallons at least before all the camels stopped drinking. (28)  Rebecca was ten years old when she performed this marvelous and hospitable act.  (29)

As a gift of gratitude to Rebecca, Eliezar decorated her with jewelry, and then Laban her brother welcomed him into their father’s house.  (30)

Rebecca later met with Isaac and then married him although he was thirty years older than her.  (31)

After her marriage with Isaac she remained barren for 19 years, and then had Esau and Jacob.  The two twin boys hated each other even in the womb and when they were born, Jacob had hold of Esau’s heel.  However, Esau was red and hairy like a garment.  (32)  When the boys grew Esau became a wonderful hunter, and Isaac loved him the most because of the meat he brought, but Rebecca loved Jacob.  (33)

Fifteen years after the boys’ birth, Yahvah brought a famine into the Land of Canaan, and Rebecca went with her husband to Philistia to escape from it.  (34)  It is not known if Jacob and Esau went with them, though.

In Philistia, Isaac told King Abimelech that Rebecca was his sister because he didn’t want to die on account of her beauty if he was to say that he was espoused to her.  However, Abimelech had this played on him before by Abraham so he was suspicious.  (35)

At the age of 88, Rebecca overheard Isaac telling his favorite son to go and hunt for some venison for him to eat so that he may bless him.  Therefore, Rebecca told Jacob of what Isaac planned to do.  Therefore, Rebecca had Jacob go a get a kid and she’d fixed it up and dressed it in the way that Isaac desired his “venison” cooked.  She greatly wanted the blessing to be passed to Jacob instead of Esau.  (36)

Although Isaac was now blind with age, he could still tell the difference between Esau and Jacob because Esau was extremely hairy and his clothes smelled like the field (maybe like a gutted deer as well).  With this in mind Jacob was leery about performing this trick in fear that he will receive a curse and not a blessing, but Rebecca encouraged him by saying that if any curse should be said, the curse would come upon her.  (37)

Rebecca dressed Jacob with goat skins on his hands and neck, and one of Esau’s coats and then Jacob brought the “venison” and bread into Isaac for him to eat.  (38)

For sure Rebecca stood nearby watching or listening to the conversation Jacob had with his father, and possibly leaped for joy when Isaac gave Jacob the blessing that she wanted him to have. (39)  (She probably had to contain her shouts of joy as she didn’t want to expose Jacob to Isaac of her plot.)

As soon as Jacob left the tent, Esau arrived and soon found out about Jacob’s deceitfulness and wished to kill his brother. (40)

Since Esau now sought the life of Jacob, Rebecca sent Jacob away to Eber’s house until Esau’s anger had cooled, but Jacob was gone for fourteen years before he decided to return home.

Esau being vexed with his parents left home and dwelt in the land of Seir for six months, and when he returned he brought both his Canaanite wives with him.  These wives of Esau were a grief of mind to Rebecca and Isaac and they became weary of them.  (41)

When Rebecca was 102, Jacob returned home, but he was only home for a day since Esau still had not forgiven him on account of the blessing, so Rebecca and Isaac sent Jacob to Haran so he would marry within his own race and not choose from the daughters of Canaan. (42)

When Jacob is returning home from Haran twenty years later, she learns of Esau’s plot to kill Jacob so she sends to Jacob 72 men to help him, but sent a message to Jacob to treat Esau with kindness so that Esau’s anger may be turned so Jacob’s life would be spared. (43)

After this event, Rebecca lives an additional eleven years, and dies at the age of 133.  However, she ends up dying 17 years before her husband Isaac does.


More About Rebecca:

Burial: 1690 BC in the Cave of Machpelah near Mamre

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