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Rikayon was born in Shinar, and died in Egypt.  


Notes for Rikayon:

The whole chapter of Jasher 14 is about the first Pharaoh of Egypt and how he began his rein over the Egyptians.  Rikayon is only mentioned in Jasher and in no other book.

Rikayon was a wise man that lived in the land of Shinar and traveled to Egypt to show the king there his wisdom and he hoped to find grace in the eyes of King Oswiris the king of Egypt.  (1)

Upon arriving in Egypt he learned that the king only showed himself to his people one day out of the year, and on that day the king passed judgement upon the people if a certain person should have a suit against another.  Therefore, Rikayon would have to stay in Egypt a long time before he even got to see the king.  (2)

After spending his first night in a ruined bake house, he went to the market wishing to be a seller of vegetables and seeds, but he was unaccustomed to the area, and he became unsuccessful in selling anything.  (3)

After spending his second night in the ruined bake house (and being extremely hungry), he hired thirty men and placed them on top of an Egyptian sepulcher commanding them that King Oswiris had said that no man could be buried at the sepulcher until 200 pieces of silver was given.  Thus, Rikayon collected a great sum of money in eight months.  (4)

The people weren’t able to complain to the king since he only came out one day in the year to listen to the people’s complaints.  Therefore, the people had to wait exactly one year before the king came out amongst them.

When the year was up, the people’s first complaint to the king was concerning Rikayon and why the king had set him up to apply taxes to the dead.  Of course, the king knew nothing of this, and being furious he had Rikayon brought before him.  (5)

In order to get on the king’s good side, Rikayon took a thousand children, clothed them in silk and embroidery and put them on horses.  He also took silver, gold and precious stones, and brought a strong and beautiful horse as a gift to the king.  Then, Rikayon bowed low to the king so that the king and all the people would wonder at all his works.  (6)

Now that Rikayon had the king’s attention, he talked with the king and the king heard all his wisdom and was greatly impressed, and the king told Rikayon that his name should be Pharaoh because he extracted a tax from the dead.  (7)

Although King Oswiris continued to judge the people one day out of the year, Rikayon Pharaoh would judge the people throughout the rest of the year.  However, in his cunning he usurped the government of Egypt and extracted a tax.  Even through his cunningness, he was still greatly loved by the inhabitants of Egypt.  It was decreed that every king of Egypt should be called Pharaoh.  (8)

In Jasher 15, Abram and Sarai came to Egypt and met with Pharaoh.  The time lapse between Rikayon coming to Egypt and Abram coming to Egypt is unknown, but it is known that Abram did come to Egypt when the first Pharaoh Mene was ruling Egypt and Abram gave him the mathematics (9) on how to build the first pyramids.  It could be possible that Rikayon may be known as Mene since Rikayon is known as the first Pharaoh in Jasher.

When Abram and Sarai arrived in Egypt, Pharaoh was told that Sarai was Abram’s sister so when Sarai was brought before him he found her to be exceedingly beautiful and he had her stay in his house.  (10)  When Pharaoh put out his hand to touch Sarai, an angel of Yahvah struck him heavily.  Later he tried getting near to her, but this time he was struck to the ground, but the angel didn’t stop there, but smote heavily all of Pharaoh’s servants and his household because of Sarai.  (11)

Upon learning that Sarai was espoused to Abram, he reprimanded Abram for the misleading act, but sent him away with all belong to him.  Pharaoh also sent one of his daughters, Hagar with Abram since he believed that it would be better for her to dwell with Abram than in his own household.  (12)



Born: in Shinar

Died: in Egypt




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