With the known fact that this web site will always be under continuous construction because of the extensive work it takes to build a Biblical genealogy (including the biographies), it would only be best to let others know what is going on during the site building, and the Biblical study.

Web Site News

This web site (as of February 16, 2017) goes only as far as the 25th Generation (Merari).

At this time I am working on something that I don’t think anyone in the world has ever done, and that is to do an audio recording of the Book of Esther from the Septuagint LXX.  I am halfway through the book since there is plenty of editing to do (I stumble over my words a lot during the recording)  and there is non-royalty music to add for a background.  The Book of Esther from the KJV or any other version is quite condensed and has no mention of Yahvah’s Name in it at all.  In the Septuagint, Yahvah is mentioned over forty times, and that only make a person wonder why Yahvah was excluded out of Esther when it was translated.  Was it deliberate?  At this writing, I am striving to have it finished before the weekend so I can post it in “Articles of Interest” but I may end up posting a few chapters and then finish the job later.

Listening to the Septuagint Version of Esther you will not be able to follow along in your Bible because it is a portion of the book that is not included, but the detail is fascinating!

I haven’t added anymore new web pages since I have been working on this all week (other than the necessary things that need to be done around the house).  My other plan is to post the King James Version of Esther alongside the Septuagint Version so the reader can do a comparison.  That may be the next step for me when the audio book is finished.

I want to thank those who put in their comments in the Guest Book section about the joy they have received in finding this site, this is quite the encouragement.



My mother, Jean has written several children’s stories a number of years ago, and she wants the stories to be available for your reading pleasure.   I have them posted on my web site for your reading.  I have posted four of the six since she wants to know how well they will be received.  I have grown up with these stories as she has told them to numerous children classes, but I would say that the stories aren’t just for children but for adults as well.  Click here to see the story list, and enjoy the reading!


I have embedded sound files to help with the pronunciation of the names that are mentioned.  I also put the sound files for the pronunciation of the Hebrew and Greek.  However, it is my pronunciation of it and it doesn’t mean that it is always correct, so I am always open to the correct punctuation.

I am not a scholar of the Hebrew and Greek, so you could say I am a “Strong’s Concordance” scholar -- if that means anything.