“The coming of the Lord is near…” I remember reading, and the article continued on saying that there would be catastrophic events that will happen on this particular day and most of the population of the world would be wiped out.  However, that catastrophic event has passed nearly twenty years ago.

I remember Dad buying a rag sheet just because of the intriguing message it contained that Nostradamus predicted that the coming “of the Lord” would occur around February 1994.  None of us believed what was written; it just seemed that it was ridiculous that Yahvah’s coming would be predicted by some wizard several hundred years ago.

Now that the catastrophic date had passed, then another one was created, and everyone remembers that one:  The end of the world as we know it will come on January 1, 2000 at midnight, better known as Y2K.  All the computers would revert their dates back to 1900 throwing everything off track.

I didn’t believe this at all, since I had played around with the family fax machine by setting the date to December 31, 1999, 11:59pm and watch the machine switch over to the year 2000.  The machine didn’t blow up, the date turned over to the new year like it should.

The year 1999 was something to remember since thousands of people were stocking up on food because of the Y2K scare, but when the year 2000 came, nothing happened.  However, a new scare was created when Y2K was over, and that was Planet-X.

“Planet-X will be swinging by the earth in 2004,” a man told the congregation at a Bible Meeting, and the man continued to give updates about the planet and what it would do when it would get close to the earth.

Being a student in astronomy, I wanted to be able to spot the planet to study on it on my own time, but I was told that the planet could only be seen using a strong telescope and that the planet was still a long ways off.

Finally, 2004 came and went, but there was no catastrophe, and I never saw it in the nighttime sky.  When nothing happened, the man who gave the updates on the planet had a new statement that the planet will meet up with the Earth again after it had gone around the sun.  However, I never saw the planet when it was “close” to the Earth.

The year 2005 went by, and nothing happened.  I already knew that Planet-X (or Nibaru) was a scare tactic, since if the planet was as big as Jupiter, then it would have dominated the nighttime (and daytime) sky if it was anywhere close to the Earth.

Okay, now that the Planet-X scare had passed, a new scare came up and that is the end of the Mayan Calendar on December 21, 2012.  As of this writing, that date is not too far away, but I have the same amount of concern as I have for the previous scares.

What will happen on the Winter Solstice for this year?  Nothing?

History of the Mayans with their calendar explains that they knew that someone would be coming to their shores on a certain date, and it proved to be correct.

If the Mayan calendar ends on 12-21-2012, then what does it mean?  It may mean that the Mayan that was making the calendar decided that it was useless to go any farther.

Here is another reason.  You remember the song about the Age of Aquarius?  Of course, it is a bunch of pagan stuff, but the Mayans probably knew when the Pisces Age would end and the Aquarius Age begins, and each Zodiac Age lasts for about 1500 years (give or take).  As the past ages began, nothing happened; so as the world enters the “Aquarius Age”, nothing will happen.

Therefore, with that said, I “predict” that after the 2012 scare happens, there will be a new scare that is created and it may be for the year 2015.

Everyone believes that we are in the Last Days, and as far as I can tell … we are in the Last Days, but the coming of the Messiah is not going to happen on some specific Gregorian date of the calendars of man, but it will be in His own good time.  Yahvah has told us in His Scriptures that he will come like a thief in the night.  Nobody knows the time and date of His coming, not even the angels, and if you believe that there is to be a rapture to take the good people away from the wicked world, then I have some news for you; that date has come and gone on May 21, 2011.   ............ NOTHING HAPPENED! ...........