I had received an email not too long ago asking about “the Lord’s” real Name and who would change it to a title.  I have decided that I would post my reply to the question here.


The biggest question is: What is God’s Name? One thing is for sure His Name isn’t GOD! God is a title just like calling the man in office that rules over the United States, President. However, President isn’t his name, for the president’s name, it is Barack Obama (unfortunately).

The same would go for “the Lord”. A “lord” is a person that is a master or a ruler, meaning that “the Lord” is another title.

As for His Name, the closest that can be written and understood is what is written in the Hebrew, and that is: יהוה . Taking the letters that are in the Hebrew we come up with the consonants of “YHVH”. This is next to impossible to pronounce, so the closest pronounceable form is “Yahvah”. Scholars in the past have taken these letters and added different vowels to the Name and change the “Y” to a “J” changing Yahvah’s Name to the name of "JeHoVaH”. The problem with “Jehovah” is that it is a name that was formed by man and not by Yahvah himself. Furthermore, the letter “J” wasn’t added to the English language until the 17th Century.

This raises a question, does Yahvah like being called, “Jehovah?” or “God”? or “the Lord?”

The name I use to identify myself is “Philip”. When people use this name to refer to me, it brings a pleasure of being known by that name. However, the name “Philip” has different forms in different languages. If someone called me “Polipo” in the Hawaiian language, or “Phillippe” in French, I would not have same relation to it as the name that is spoken in English.

I am sure that Yahvah has the same feelings toward the use of His Name as we all do to our own. Why do we call Him “Yahvah?” That Name has been with Him ever since the beginning, long before time began, whereas “Jehovah” has only been around for about four hundred years. His Name would be as sacred as the Sabbath Day, for His Name has been around long before Adam was even created.

So . . . who was it that had the big idea to hide His Sacred Name from His children?

Near to the time of the Messiah, the Pharisees and Sadducees saw that “YHVH” was too sacred to pronounce so instead of saying His Name, they used a substitute by calling Yahvah, “Adonai” which is the Hebrew form of “a lord”.

Another question: What is in the name “Jesus”?

As everyone knows is that “Jesus” is the Greek name of our Savior who came and died for our sins on Calvary, but I am sure that He wasn’t called “Jesus” when He was upon this earth. Quite possibly He was called “Yahshua” which means, “Yah Saves” in Hebrew. In some references I have come across show that “Jesus” may be the corrupted form for the name of the Greek god “Zeus”. It could also be possible that Yahshua’s Name was translated from Hebrew to Greek then to Latin and when the Latin form was translated to English, it became “Jesus”. Go to the website: www.plim.org/JesusOrigin.htm for further information.

I am the LORD: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images. Isaiah 42:8

“I am — “the LORD”: that is my name. !?!?!? ... Apparently, there is a mistranslation here. Any person that is in their right mind doesn’t go and introduce themselves using a title and say that it is their name. The translation should be “I am Yahvah: that is My Name: ...” Who took license to change His Name to a title?

Back in the time of our Blessed Savior, there was a sect of people who hated Him for who he was, and He was further hated because He told the truth about them and did not show any regrets. Yahshua called them a den of vipers, hypocrites, children of Satan plus a few others, then Yahshua performed miracles on the Sabbath which was in total violation of their “traditions.” These Jews hated Yahshua so much that they designed a way to kill Him, but killing His body wasn’t enough, they also worked at killing His Name, and what is the best way to kill His name than to use a title of “Adonai” or “the Lord”.

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. II Chronicles 7:14.

“If my people, which are called by name ...” Okay, are we the people that are called by His Name? And if we are called by His Name and we do humble ourselves, pray, seek Him and forbid wickedness; then He promises to hear us, forgive us and then heal the land. By my understanding is that if we call him by His titles or some misconceived name; will he listen to us? (It is the same as I said about “Polipo” and “Phillippe”, I won’t listen to a person that calls me by those names.) I think what the point is that if we call Him Yahvah, then it only shows on how much we really know Him, (or that we are striving as best we can.)

Naturally, I don’t have all the answers, since there is a lot of studying that is being done here and there are certain ideas that may change for one that is more inspiring. With Yahvah’s guidance He will direct you and me down the path of more Truths than what we know what we can deal with.